The Orignal Whiskey Rock 'n' Rollers.
The Strappin Jocks perform rock blues alternative along with great cover songs that are resonant with heartfelt guitar and vocals.

When not performing you can see their alter ego in pubs all around under the name The J45s

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J45s website - www.thej45sband.com
website - https://www.lemonrock.com/strappinjocks

Berkshire Social Network [Live Music Promoter]- Covers bands beware! 

The Berkshire Social Network [Live Music Promoter]

If you are in a cover band and approached by this promoter then please beware. We did a gig for him at The Swan in Iver in good faith with the promise of being paid within five days.

We never got paid and at same time was asked to sign a dubious contract. We refused to sign.

This promoter continues to show that he is not to be trusted. We are warning unsuspecting bands that they may not get paid by this promoter, and may be asked to sign an exclusivity deal which restricts the bands' choice of venue, and obtaining gigs directly with venues.

The Jocks are back! 

So we're into 2018 and The Strappin' Jocks do stand for continuity and sanity in these crazy times and their music reaches the places others fail to go and there's more to come in 2018. 

Some gigs already booked supporting The J45s and after a few months of rest and recuperation The SJs are back!

Stay posted for details of upcoming gigs.  Who knows we may be coming to a place near you in the not too distant.  And if there's a place near you you'd like to see us let us know here and we'll see what we can do to get there.

Anyhow, we'll be back with more news soon and some great ways to win free tickets to gigs

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